Pacific Burn

Pacific Burn
Utgivelsesar: 2016
Serie: Jim Brodie Novel
Forlag: Simon & Schuster
Sprak: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781476794884
Forfatter: Barry Lancet
Kategori: Krim og spenning

"Pacific Burn is a page-turning, globe-spanning tale of murder, suspense, and intrigue that grabs and holds your attention from beginning to end. Barry Lancet is truly a gifted author, and his character of Jim Brodie is unlike any private investigator you've ever encountered in literature." --Nelson DeMille, New York Times bestselling author of Radiant Angel In the third book in "what will likely be a long and successful series" (San Francisco Magazine), Japanese antiques dealer and PI Jim Brodie goes up against the CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security--and a killer operating on both sides of the Pacific.

In recognition for his role in solving the Japantown murders in San Francisco, antiques dealer and sometime-PI Jim Brodie has just been brought on as the liaison for the mayor's new Pacific Rim Friendship Program. Brodie in turn recruits his friend, the renowned Japanese artist Ken Nobuki, and after a promising meeting with city officials and a picture-perfect photo op, Brodie and Nobuki leave City Hall for a waiting limo. But as soon as they exit the building, a sniper attacks them from the roof of the Asian Art Museum. Quick thinking allows Brodie to escape, but Nobuki ends up hospitalized and in a coma. Brodie soon realizes that, with the suspicious and untimely death of Nobuki's oldest son a week earlier in Napa Valley, someone may be targeting his friend's family--and killing them off one by one. Suspects are nearly too numerous to name--and could be in the United States or anywhere along the Pacific Rim. The quest for answers takes Brodie from his beloved San Francisco to Washington, DC, in a confrontation with the DHS, the CIA, and the FBI then on to Tokyo, Kyoto, and beyond, in search of what his Japanese sources tell him is a legendary killer in both senses of the word--said to be more rumor than real, but deadlier than anything else they've ever encountered if the whispers are true.

23 May, 2017.

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Den ubestemte artikkelen er a foran konsonantlyder, an foran vokallyder: a book, a computer, a year, an egg, an hour, an honest man.

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