OCR A Level History: Early Medieval England 871-1107

OCR A Level History: Early Medieval England 871-1107
Utgivelsesar: 2015
Serie: OCR A Level History
Forlag: Hodder Education
Sprak: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781471836671
Forfatter: Nicholas Fellowsog Andrew Holland
Antall sider: 384
Kategori: E-bøker

This is an OCR endorsed resource Build strong subject knowledge and skills in A Level History using the in-depth analysis and structured support in this tailor-made series for OCR's British period studies and enquiries. - Develops the analytical skills required to succeed in the period study by organising the narrative content around the key issues for students to explore - Enhances understanding of the chosen historical period, supplying a wealth of extracts and sources that offer opportunities to practise the evaluative skills needed for the enquiry - Progressively improves study skills through developmental activities and advice on answering practice exam questions - Helps students to review, revise and reflect on the course material through chapter summaries and revision activities that consolidate topic knowledge - Equips students with transferable critical thinking skills, presenting contrasting academic opinions that encourage A Level historians to make informed judgements on major debates Each title in the OCR A Level History series contains one or two British period studies and its associated enquiry, providing complete support for every option in Unit Group 1.
Early Medieval England 871-1107 This title explores the reigns of Anglo-Saxon and Norman Kings from Alfred the Great to William II through two British period studies and two enquiries. It allows an in-depth understanding of the key historical knowledge, terms and concepts relevant to the period studied and encourages the critical use of evidence in investigating and assessing historical questions in the associated enquiries: 'Alfred the Great' and 'Norman England 1087-1107'. This title covers the following period studies and enquiries: - Alfred the Great - The Making of England 849-1016 - Anglo Saxon England and the Norman Conquest 1035-1087 - Norman England 1087-1107

My Revision Notes: OCR A Level History: Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964. Andrew Holland. Heftet. 2017.

Access to History: Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964 for OCR.

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