Land Problems in Palestine

Land Problems in Palestine
Utgivelsesar: 2015
Serie: Routledge Library Editions: Israel and Palestine
Forlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Sprak: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781138904736
Forfatter: Abraham Granovsky
Antall sider: 122
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The land question in Palestine evoked an unprecedented interest on the part of the Jewish public in the 1920s. This book, first published in 1926, studies the various phases of the land policy of the National Fund, the standard bearer of national Jewish land policy in Palestine. The problems of Jewish land policy were precipitated into the foreground because all Zionist groups came to realise the key role which the soil itself was thought to play in Jewish Palestine, and the imperative to own the land itself. A single thought runs through this book: that the Jewish Homeland can be erected only upon nationalized land.

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