Between Breaths

Between Breaths
Utgivelsesar: 2016
Forlag: Little, Brown & Company
Sprak: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781478929932
Forfatter: Elizabeth Vargas
Kategori: Familie og helse

From the moment she uttered the brave and honest words, "I am an alcoholic," to interview George Stephanopoulos, Elizabeth Vargas began writing her story, as her experiences were still raw.

Now, in BETWEEN BREATHS, Vargas discusses her accounts of growing up with anxiety-which began suddenly at the age of six when her father served in Vietnam-and how she dealt with this anxiety as she came of age, to her eventually turning to alcohol for relief. She tells of how she found herself living in denial, about the extent of her addiction and keeping her dependency a secret for so long. She addresses her time in rehab, her first year of sobriety, and the guilt she felt as a working mother who had never found the right balance. Honest and hopeful, BETWEEN BREATHS is an inspiring read.

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